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Klean-Green India

Box/Plate liner (27 cm ROUND/SQUARE)

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  • BEAUTIFUL & UNIQUE- Each plate has been uniquely hand-stitched. They’re especially eye-catching, perfect for special occasions such as weddings, parties and events for lining plates.
  • 100% ORGANIC & HEALTHY – Made entirely from siali creeper leaves, which come from forests of India. Plates made from Siali leaves have been used for centuries for eating meals & have many health benefits.
  • BIODEGRADABLE & COMPOSTABLE – No chemicals or glues are used in the production of the products. All the harvesting is done in a sustainable way.
  • The production of Klean-Green products takes place in the tribal forest villages & provides employment to women with no other work opportunities.
  • All products have been produced hygienically, the products are safe to eat from. They are washable & can be rinsed with water before use.

    Product  :Green natural leaf rounds or squares for lining plates, boxes, hampers etc.

    Quantity : 25

    PACK Size : 30x30x7 cm

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2 reviews for Box/Plate liner (27 cm ROUND/SQUARE)

  1. Aparna Surendran

    The plates are well made with 2 layers & nicely shaped to fit inside plates. Very good option for party needs & also for personal use if we want to avoid washing vessels in absence of maids.

  2. Sowmya Karthik

    I have ordered this product from Klean-Green and these are very good.

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