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Nature theme Green Birthday Party decoration Box


Anyone who has hosted a party (and had to clean up afterward) knows it can end up being more than a little wasteful. From the food to the décor and supplies, a lot of things end up going straight into the trash when the last guest has left. Another downside? Many party essentials sold in stores use plastic and other disposable materials that are harmful to the environment & other living being on earth.

There are simple ways to make your celebrations more sustainable & eco-friendlier, and it starts with swapping your supplies.

Looking for unique and fun nature themed eco-friendly birthday decor for your child’s birthday? Well, we have launched a decor kit that fits perfectly to this criterion. The Nature theme green birthday decor is trendy and children will love it too. Moreover mother nature will also love it!

The nature theme green decoration for birthdays creates a fun and entertaining aura for all-around children. It includes

  • 8 decorative fans (4 natural green+4 with splash of colours) & jute strings to tie; 10” diameter fans
  • 1 beautiful happy birthday bunting/banner in two pcs
  • 6 natural leaf twines/danglers; 4’feet each
  • A pack of 3D wall stickers. birds, fish, flowers:4 each ;12 pcs
  • A pack of 10 invitation envelops(5.5”x4”)
  • 20 glue dots

Best Before: 24 months from the date of manufacturing

Colours may slightly vary due to different resolution and display settings.


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