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Nature's Solutions

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Nature's Solutions

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Nature's Solutions

for a Feel Good Lifestyle

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Nature's Solutions

for a Feel Good Lifestyle

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Eco-friendly Products
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Who Are We?

We are a bunch of hopefuls working constantly on developing never seen before earth-friendly utility products using natural, organic or bio materials.

Restored urban landscapes where both people & ecosystems may feel good.

There has never been a more urgent need to restore damaged ecosystems than now. The evident changes in climate due to human activities inspire us to innovative alternative solutions which would help in restoring our ecosystem. We strive to offer green products showcasing ecological responsibility with utility. We are committed to employ women from underprivileged communities to provide them financial and social support to sail through the economical crisis caused by the covid19 pandemic.
  • No cutting of trees, no use of electricity & water, handmade from locally sourced renewable creeper plant leaves. Thus, Zero Carbon Emissions.
  • When buried in soil, leaves feed earth worms and other beneficial microbes. They lighten heavy soil & help sandy soil retain moisture. They make an attractive mulch in flower garden. Help improve soil health, reduce soil loss & increase water infiltration.
  • Reduce microplastic pollution in air, water & soil.
  • Klean-Green products generate livelihood opportunity for marginalized tribal women.
  • Circular Economy: Uniquely reduce plastic waste & paper consumption. Post usage can produce nutrient rich compost or bio gas through anaerobic digestion.
  • Pharmacological studies suggest that Siali creeper(Bauhinia Vahlii) has anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anti-microbial & anti-oxidant properties.

Dried leaves are rich in carbon, an essential ingredient in composting. Carbon in leaves balances nitrogen in compost pile. Good composting practices using dried leaves minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

Organic Solutions


Our Products Are

Eco-friendly & Natural

Our Processes Are

Green & Sustainable

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The Problem

Microplastic Pollution

The excessive use of plastic or plastic content products are resulting in serious micro-plastic pollution. It is time we switch to renewable, natural & sustainable alternatives. This helps in

Eco-Conscious Lifestyle

(Under UN SDGs 11,12 & 13)


Tons of Plastic Pollution Reduced


Tons of Carbon Offset


Livelihoods Created

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Latest News & Articles Directly from Blog

Despite the increased popularity of the use of the term "sustainability", the possibility that human societies will achieve environmental sustainability has been, and continues to be, questioned in light of environmental degradation, climate change, over consumption and societies' pursuit of indefinite economic growth in a closed system.” Klean-Green India blog is an initiative that showcases thought provoking insights to improve, nurture & maintain a healthy environment for our future generations.

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"Klean-Green is an exceptional path breaking initiative! Their products truly address the imperative need for our planet! For Ex - to be able to successfully contribute to address the environmental issue related to single use plastic is worthy of applause! It’s an honest, path breaking and sustainable effort to change our society for the better and the way we adopt our personal and collective responsibility towards nature! It is a Social Impact company and will be noticed by one and all in times to come! I wish them and the team the very best! "

"Klean-Green India's Green Bag is an excellent product! Best Wishes. "

"Product is fine, relevant and enough conscious people are there to support it."

"From ethical sourcing to enabling composting at the end of life, the Green bag made with siali leaves offers the promise of a sustainable value chain.More often than not, tribal women do not receive adequate compensation and recognition for their labour and creations.We look forward to collaborating with Klean-Green India on the Green bag initiative and using it to generate more livelihood returns for women from forest dwelling communities with whom we work in the buffer areas of Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh."

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