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Klean-Green India

Klean-Green India cares about both the planet & people. We provide truly natural & sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic products for homes, offices & gifting purpose. Alongside we also generate livelihood opportunities for marginalised urban poor & rural communities.

Correct transparent leaves

The Aha! Moment

The sight of huge mounds of plastic bags filled with household waste coming out in the environment every day during the lockdown in 2020 was quite alarming. We found out that it’s a problem and we just don’t talk about it enough. Thats when our journey to find a sustainable alternative began.

In India, liquid food items are generally served in single-use bowls made with natural leaves during mass feasts. Post usage these soiled bowls & plates are dumped in compost pits and within 3 months these plates make good compost, thus making the soil more nutrient-rich. This liquid retaining & 100% compostable quality of the siali creeper leaf plates led to the idea of making this trash bag. A bit of research helped in tuning these plates into a foldable bag. The idea was an Aha moment! for everyone who heard about it & we received enough encouragement to work further on this idea.

Correct transparent leaves

Our Commitment

Brand Klean-Green cares about both the planet & people. We are on a  mission mitigate plastic pollution around us. We aim to present renewable, truly natural & sustainable alternatives made with chemical-free, organic & 100% compostable or bio/ materials. We walk an extra mile to source our raw materials and make products in ways that cause no harm to the environment.