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Klean-Green India

Unveiling the Green Giant: Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Diabetic Superpowers of India’s Bauhinia Vahlii Creeper

In the hustle and bustle of modern India, a gem of our green heritage often goes unnoticed, even though it literally towers over us in the wild. Meet Bauhinia Vahlii, India's most colossal giant creeper, a green titan that weaves its way up the trees of our jungle backyards and…

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Paper Trails: The Unseen Water and Energy Footprint in Your lifestyle

A crisp, white sheet of paper holds untold possibilities - a medium for the artist's vision, a canvas for the writer's thoughts, or even a vessel for an engineer's groundbreaking design. However, the journey of paper, both virgin and recycled, from tree or scrap to your desk is one that…

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The Ageing Titans of Carbon Capture: Why New Trees Can’t Match Their Elders

As we grapple with the rising spectre of climate change, trees have been lauded as our green knights in shining armour, helping us combat increasing carbon levels in our atmosphere. And rightly so - a mature tree can absorb an impressive amount of CO2 every year. But here's a lesser-known…

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