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Auspicious Flower Garland (Pack of 3)

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This garland is made from natural leaf, jute & banana fibre. Banana fibres are dyed in plant based beautiful natural  dyes.

The entire banana plant is considered sacred. In Hinduism, the banana tree is equated with Lord Brihaspati (Jupiter), who is considered a guru to the Hindu pantheon. The banana tree is also associated with fertility and bounty.

Excessive water consumption, tremendous amounts of chemicals, and hazardous production processes have rained hellfire on our planet. We are using banana fibre extracted from banana stem obtained post harvest.

Use this auspicious garland to make your celebrations impactful. Banana fibre has an impact on the environment as it reduces nasty waste and the demand for chemical-induced synthetic/plastic decorative materials.

Looks as beautiful as natural flower door toran & remains beautiful for more than 2 years. Use your imagination create beautiful spaces.

Product : Auspicious Banana Fibre Flower Garland(Pack of 3)

Quantity : 3 garlands,48” each

Size : Leaves : 1.5”x3”, Flowers: 4″

Best Before: 24 months from the date of manufacturing

2 reviews for Auspicious Flower Garland (Pack of 3)

  1. S Surendran

    I liked this garland very much. It looks classy not cheap or fake. Best part is that it is made from natural materials only. We use banana fibre to decorate our main door. And flowers in this garland are made from banana fibre. Recommend it to anyone wanting to buy it.

  2. Rohini Jadhav

    Product looks beautiful. Natural colour is also great. It helps to decorate my home. They are worth money. Will recommend it.

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