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Klean-Green India

Boat shape floatable in water disposable bowls: Pack of 20


These eco-friendly boat shape bowls are made from natural leaves. They are non-toxic, non-soggy, 100% compostable & micro-organisms resistant with fragrance of natural leaf. These leaves are known for their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiulcer, antidiabetic, antioxidant & anticancer properties.Made by women of marginalized Baiga tribe of M.P.

Use these boat for fancy festive, wedding or any other happy occasion décor. They float on water.Fill them with beautiful flowers, fragrant candles etc over water & create visual delight for your guests.They can also be used to serve food/cake or snacks serving trays.

Do not keep the pack in direct sunlight in order to keep them fresh for long time.Good to keep dry & semi solid stuff.

Product : BeLEAF Boat shape bowls

Quantity : 15 Boats

Boat Size : 10″x4″x2″ 

Best Before: 12 months from the date of manufacturing

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